Setup CouchBase and Elastic Search on Centos 6.x Hosts

Introduction Couchbase can replicate its documents to the Solr based Elastic Search service. This enables you to perform full text searches against documents that are in your Couchbase cluster. If you are reading this then I will assume you already know why this might be useful and won’t go any further on the subject. I […]

Install the Couchbase PHP Client Connector for Centos 6.4

Introduction If you need to connect to a Couchbase server using PHP you will need the PHP connector client. Now following the instructions here will get you some of the way but not all of it! This guide does assume you have apache (httpd) and php installed as it relies on the php module and […]

Commerce CharityClear HostedForm payment module for DrupalCommerce

Introduction Charity clear is a payment processing gateway which enables you as a merchant to take payment from your customers. It is very similar in nature to WorldPay or SagePay. I often recommend it to small or medium sized businesses because the support and service is quite good and they are fairly inexpensive. Anyway, if […]

Setup Nginx on Centos 6 to run Drupal

Introduction This guide entitled Setup Nginx on Centos 6 to run Drupal is designed to walk you through the process of preparing a VPS to run Centos, Nginx for the purpose of running Drupal CMS / Framework. Setting up a Centos box to run NGINX is slightly different to setting up a Centos box to […]