Backing Up IBM HMC using FTP

Backing up your RS/6000 P Series HMC or Hardware Management Console is an important part of your operational routine. This device is the Window to your P-Series. If you lose your HMC your P-Series and LPARS will continue to function however all of the lpar information will be lost and when you replace the faulty […]

Restoring an IBM HMC using FTP

Restoring an RS/6000 P Series HMC is something you might have to do in the event of hardware failure of your IBM HMC. If your machine has failed and you have received a replacement HMC unit from your vendor or IBM it would be in a factory default state (no configuration useful for your site). […]

Automatically Backing Up Remote Servers with Qnap 109

Introduction If you run an important server such as web server you should of course take regular off site backups. Now everyone knows that backups are a total pain to do manually and more often than not get forgotten. However, using linux cron you can automate this task easily and be more confident of your […]